My Dissociative Life: Amazing. And Amazingly Shit.

Do amazing things. See amazing things. Be with amazing people.
Get home. Burst into tears. Yet again. As the voices and parts say and shout so much.
Do amazing things. See amazing things. Be with amazing people.
Get home. Burst into tears. Yet again. As the voices and parts say and shout so much and I have to argue even to have a cup of tea because one of them has been seeking to impose a 9pm curfew on it.
Some things I laugh about. The banana argument two of them had this week is funny to me even though it resulted in my head hurting quite a bit from being hit. But what’s now been recognised as this complex dissociative disorder is pretty damn shit. I would not wish this on anyone. I laugh because what’s the alternative? I might be able to do some kind of stand up comedy about it but it’s mostly horrible to live with and I do have to hold back or the comedy would get very dark indeed. (Very fortunate to meet someone this year with an equally dark and macabre mental health comedy streak.)
I wrote a rant about something today. I wasn’t going to post it but Beth says that I should. She supports and understands and has endured twenty-five years of my mental health with the highs and lows. I’ve been bloody fortunate to be married to someone who stuck by me through so much and for so long.
And this rant is where a few things get very honest. You ain’t seen nothing yet! Some people won’t like it one little bit.
They don’t matter. The people I nearly cried on massively earlier this evening about it supported it. Probably because every one of them knows me – we’ve met together for quite a while – and has seen at least some of what it’s taken to be a part of that group. It’s taken a lot for all of that group to be there.
I’ll post the rant tomorrow. On Facebook. It’ll be extended. With more honesty about childhood, family, dissociation, and so on.
But there will also be gratitude. For all the people, groups, and organisations around me at different times that have stood by me in my struggles to not only stay alive and exist but to push myself (sometimes rather too far for me) into recovery (with set backs – it’s only a couple of weeks since I very, very, very nearly committed suicide – I can perform some kind of theatre show but I am far from being well) and a live that’s more than worth living and is filled with things beyond anything I dreamed would ever be possible for me.
Without all those other people I would not have made it through this year. I am incredibly fortunate to have all those people. On the other hand I only have them due to years of sodding hard work to get to the places where I’ve met them and done amazing things with them, often being enabled by their own wonder.
Being incredibly fortunate is one thing. But DID – or DDNOS – is crap. Very crap. Clarity isn’t bringing peace. The beginnings of clarity is making things many times harder. In the short term. No, as I said, I would not wish this on anyone even though I were filled with infinite hatred for them. Nobody deserves this.

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