Lime Juice Love – A Relationship Poem

A poem. For when you see the truth of a dysfunctional, abusive relationship but don’t want to turn away.

Lime Juice Love

If you concocted cocktails
Of lime juice, onion, and crushed chilli seeds,
Of spider venom and air raid black outs,
Of essences of cataracts and cauterised corneas,
Kidnappers’ hoods, and heavy drugged slumbers,
I would be no more blind
Than when you speak to me.

I remain lost on the storm sea melodies of your tongue.
Each skillful devil’s interval a reasonable disquiet,
Each woven story word a convincing charade.

No sight, light. No bright side-stepped spark.
No clarity among white washed injusticed abuses.
Every moment, another carefully wrapped heart thorn;
A tenderly disguised fist.

Your sharp silk claws, tear through my tear streaked
Make up. No longer able to conceal the bruises.
No longer able to stand.

I fall.
For you.
I hate you.
I am yours.

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